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No use waiting on a bunch of wussy politicians."

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Center for Political Hell Raising

"Two kinds of people in the world," Emily shared. "There are stewers, and the there are doers."

Like Molly Ivins, Emily is from Texas. Emily is one of my most beloved of friends. She and I are defiinitely among the doer-types. Whether it's about work, family or life in general, there is simply no use stewing about a situation when we could be doing something to impact the direction of the resolution. The same goes for politics.

The point of A.M. in the Morning! is not merely to inundate you with more information and knowledge through the poignant and punchy blog entries published here. No ma'am and no sir. That is not the point. The point is to use these charmingly witty, information-rich pieces as the place as a jumping point for our own political activity.

The point of the Political Hell Raising activities that often accompany these witty writings is to deliberately enter the political arena in effective ways. The combination is sure to create a hurricane-like force hell bent to make a real difference.

The Political Hell Raising Center provides easy, practical, and targeted actions inside the legislative and electoral arenas, actions that are politically effective and can make a difference.

At the end of most pieces are specific ways to raise hell with the right people in the right way. Often, original emails and phone scripts are available for your use. In other instances, A.M. in the Morning! piggy backs on actions that fabulous hell raising organizations may provide. All of these political hell raising activities involve using finger walking and elbow grease.

Most of the time, we're exercising our fingers as we exercise our First Amendment Constitutional right to free speech and to petition the government. We'll exercise our fingers as they walk across our computer keyboards cutting and pasting emails to public officials. We'll use ready-to-read phone scriptslet as we let our fingers do the walking to targeted officials. With the scripts provided, and you'll be talking with confidence from the get go to various offices of public officials !

Either way, rest easy knowing that as you are awakening to your day with A.M. in the Morning!, you'll be informed and entertained with insights into daily life here in the Katrina region. And, you'll get in your morning exercise, too! OK, so it's political exercising. In my book, that counts! ;)

Just like beignets pair perfectly with a great cup of New Orleans chicory coffee as we look out over a gorgeous Mississippi Gulf Coast sunrise, so does A.M. in the Morning! pair perfectly with a little Political Hell Raising!

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