"Sit up, join up, stir it up, get online, get in touch, find out who's raising hell and join them.
No use waiting on a bunch of wussy politicians."

Time to go long 1/17/06

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Political Hell Raising Activities

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coffeelover said...

is this the twilight zone? all the dates are for in the future, today is April 4, 2008, yet the date of this is June 22, 2008 and there was another one for Dec. 1, 2008. Did i click into some parallel universe?

Ana Maria said...

Yes, you did. go to

This is kind of a staging place for things there.

What are you doing anyway? Surfing in hopes of finding something interesting?

OK coffeelover, have you ever tasted real New Orleans chickory coffee? Tis the only real coffee--well, according to those of us who grew up in the greater New Orleans area. ;)